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Site Policy/ User Policy

This Site Policy/User Policy, (hereafter,“this Policy”), stipulates the terms and conditions under which the service, such as the testing, lecture videos and so forth that are provided on this website by Monozukuri Nihongo Kentei Kyokai, (hereinafter,“MNKK”), (hereafter,“this Service”), is used. The registered user, (hereafter,“User”) is subject to this Policy when using this Service.

サイトポリシー/Site Policy

この利用規約(以下,「本規約」といいます。)は,一般社団法人ものづくり日本語検定協会(以下,「当協会」といいます。)が、このウェブサイト上で 提供する検定や講座動画などのサービス(以下,「本サービス」といいます。)の利用条件を定めるものです。登録ユーザーの皆さま(以下,「ユーザー」と いいます。)には,本規約に従って,本サービスをご利用いただきます。

Article 1 (Application)

This Policy shall be applied to any relationship between the User and MNKK with regard to the use of this Service.



Article 2 (User Registration)

User registration shall be considered complete when the person who wants to register applies for user registration in accordance with the procedures specified by MNKK, upon approval by MNKK.

MNKK may not approve the application for user registration in such cases when the applicant for user registration is judged to have the following causes, in which case MNKK shall not be obliged at all to disclose the reason for its disapproval.

(1)When applying for user registration, a false item is declared

(2)When the application is made by the person who has violated this Policy in the past

(3)In any other case when MNKK considers that granting the user registration is inappropriate


当協会は,利用登録の申請者に以下の事由があると判断した場合,利用登録の申請を承認しないことがあり,その理由については一切の開示義務を負わない ものとします。


Article 3 (Management of User ID and Password)

The User shall manage her/ his user ID and password on her/his own responsibility. The User, under any circumstances, cannot sell or lend her/his user ID and password to a third party.

User ID and password should match with the registered information. The login should be performed by the registered user with the user ID.


ユーザーは,自己の責任において,本サービスのユーザーIDおよびパスワードを管理するものとします。ユーザーは,いかなる場合にも,ユーザーIDおよび パスワードを第三者に譲渡または貸与することはできません。された場合には,そのユーザーIDを登録しているユーザー自身による利用とみなします。

Article 4 (Usage Fee and Payment Method)

In the exchange for the use of this Service other than that provided by MNKK free of charge, the User shall pay the usage fee, set forth by MNKK, by the method specified by MNKK.

The User shall pay a late payment charge in the event of delay in the payment of the usage fee by the User.



Article 5 (Prohibited Actions)

The User, in using this Service, shall not commit any of the following act

(1)Any act that is contrary to law, public order or morality

(2)Any act that is related to criminal activities

(3)Any act that damages or interferes with the function of the server or the network of MNKK

(4)Any act that might interfere with the operation of the service of MNKK

(5)Any act to collect or accumulate another user’s personal information, etc

(6)Any act to impersonate another user

(7)Any act that supplies, directly or indirectly, profit to antisocial forces with regard to the service of the MNKK

(8)Any other act that is considered inappropriate by MNKK



Article 6 (Termination and Suspension of This Service)

MNKK shall be able to terminate or suspend the provision of all or a part of this Service, without prior notice to the User, in the event when it considers that there exists any of the following causes.

(1)When the computer system related to this Service is maintained or renewed.

(2)When it becomes difficult to provide this Service due to Force Majeure such as earthquake, lightning, fire, power failure, natural disaster and the like.

(3)When the computer, communication line or other equipment stops operation due to a trouble.

(4)In any other case when MNKK considers that it is difficult to provide this Service.

MNKK shall assume no responsibility for any disadvantage or damage inflicted upon the User or a third party arising from termination or suspension of this service, regardless of any reason.


Article 7 (Usage Restriction and Cancellation of Registration)

MNKK shall be able to restrict the usage of all or a part of this Service by a User or cancel the registration as a User, without prior notice, in the case of the following.

(1)In the case when the User has violated the provisions of this Policy.

(2)In the case when it is found that a false fact exists in the registered items.

(3)In any other case when MNKK considers that the usage of this Service is inappropriate.

MNKK shall not be held liable at all for any damage inflicted upon a User due to the action done by MNKK in accordance with this Article.




Article 8 (Disclaimer)

MNKK shall be exempted from liability except when attributable to an intentional act or gross negligence on the part of MNKK.

MNKK, even in the event of being held liable from some reason or other, shall assume compensation liability within the scope of the damage caused normally and, in the case of paid service, only within the amount of charged fee (in the case of continual service, equivalent to monthly charge).

MNKK shall not be held liable in any way for transaction, communication, dispute or anything else that arises between a User and another User, or a third party, with regard to this Service.




Article 9 (Change of Service Content and Termination of Service)

MNKK shall be able to change the content of this Service or terminate the provision of this Service without notice to a User and MNKK shall not be held liable at all for any damage inflicted by this upon a User.



Article 10 (Change of User Policy)

MNKK shall be able to change this Policy at any time when considered necessary without notice to a User.



Article 11 (Notification or Communication)

The notification or communication between MNKK and a User shall be done according to the method specified by the MNKK.



Article 12 (Prohibition of Assigning Rights and Obligations)

The User, without prior written approval by MNKK, may not assign the contractual status of the user contract or the right and obligation under this Policy to a third party, or offer them as security.



Article 13 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

This Policy shall be governed in accordance with the laws of Japan.

If a dispute arises with regard to this Service, the court that has the jurisdiction over the district where the head office of MNKK is located shall serve as the agreed exclusive jurisdiction court.