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About Monozukuri Online Kentei


  • ものづくり日本語検定とは
  • ものづくり日本語検定とは
  • ものづくり日本語検定とは
  • ものづくり日本語検定とは
  • ものづくり日本語検定とは
  • ものづくり日本語検定とは/About Monozukuri Online Kentei

About Monozukuri Online Kentei(MOK)


■What is the MOK?

In recent years, globalization is spreading into various areas of international community. Also in Japanese companies, the share of overseas manufacturing production in 2014 reached 24.3%, the highest figure in the past, and thus coexistence and co-prosperity in the country where Japanese companies expanded has become a big challenge.
Further, the countries accepting Japanese countries put emphasis on nurturing manufacturing businesses that are essential to economic development and welcome Japanese-style management and technology transfer that will create products of high quality and reliability.
Within a company’s organization, there is no other workplace like manufacturing site where quantification of daily activities is easier.
Manufacturing site is the work place of very rewarding and satisfaction and its action is supported by the motivation of every manufacturing individual.
Motivating individuals takes effects immediately.
Manufacturing human resources you need cannot be developed overnight, nor can be introduced from outside without much thoughts. It is necessary to develop them with appropriate time and opportunity.
“Monozukuri Online Kentei (MOK)” system has been newly developed, utilizing modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, by those concerned with the development of training materials of manufacturing in the organization that have been engaged in training of overseas engineers in Japan for more than a half century. Even now the system is being improved daily in response to the feedbacks from its users. Dear MOK users, therefore, please provide us your comments or improvement proposals as if you were also participating in the development of this system.

March 2017
Takashi Nonouchi
The Monozukuri Nihongo Kentei Kyokai (MNKK)



2017年3月 一般社団法人ものづくり日本語検定協会
会長 野々内 隆

■About Monozukuri Online Kentei(MOK)

MOK is aimed mainly at people who work at Japanese companies overseas or who want to work in the future. An online education and training system that consists of e-learning learning and exams.

MOK checks the level of understanding of Japanese (vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension) that is often used in the field of “Monozukuri”, but does not evaluate knowledge of “Monozukuri”.
It can be widely used by people who want to learn practical Monozukuri efficiently.



■Objectives of MOK

① The MOK will provide those who work or wish to work for Japanese enterprises overseas with an opportunity to easily measure their communication skills in Japanese, and to make further efforts to improve their skills in Japanese and understanding of Monozukuri.

② The MOK will provide Japanese enterprises overseas, when recruiting employees,with an opportunity to easily measure the level of the candidates’communication skills in Japanese and their understanding of Monozukuri.

③ MOK provides overseas Japanese companies with an accurate understanding of the Japanese language skills of local staff, and the opportunity for local staff to learn about the higher level of Japanese language production.

④ The MOK will provide colleges/institutes of technology and educational/training institutions overseas with opportunities to accurately estimate their students’communication skill in Japanese, and to encourage their students’study of the Japanese language and understanding of Monozukuri. The institutions may share the results with the enterprises when they wish to recruit the students.

⑤ The MOK aims to contribute to the development of industrial human resources and economic growth of developing economies through transfer of Japanese Monozukuri philosophy and technology.








■What are the characteristic features of“Monozukuri” Online Kentei (MOK)?

(1)Support Individual Learning by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet

MOK is not merely an aptitude testing. You can obtain knowhow required at manufacturing site at any time, anywhere, as many times and free of charge via internet.

Those wishing to learn can utilize various content free of charge, for instance, when obtaining an “account”, can enter “My Page” and learn/ or get training suitable to their own level.
They can exchange information among the students through Facebook or other social network systems.

After taking a test, the test result is displayed and a certificate is issued, and, thereafter, the learning program most suitable to each student is provided by adjusting to individual test result.

In addition, students can produce their own dictionary related to Monozukuri (Japanese-style manufacturing) by registering vocabularies necessary to them. Compiling these vocabularies together within a company, companies can produce their own dictionary.

For details of taking a test, please refer to “Apply for Taking a Test"

(2) Test Questions
Test questions consist of the following two levels.

・Fundamental Level: Reading Comprehension 50 questions in 50 min; Listening Comprehension, 1min Self-Appeal Video
・Advanced Level: Reading Comprehension 70 questions in 70 min; Listening Comprehension, 1min Self-Appeal Video

While language transmission speed can constitute judging criteria by AI, the test time is derived from information transmission speed based on the transmission speed of about 40 letters per 10 seconds.

NB: The above is subject to change in future.
NB: Questions of Advanced Level and Listening Comprehension are planned to commence sometime in 2020.









・基礎:読解 50問/50分、聴解、一分間自己PR動画投稿
・応用:読解 70問/70分、聴解、一分間自己PR動画投稿



■Outline of Japanese-style “Monozukuri” Online Kentei (MOK).

Anybody can learn by his/her own smart phone at any time and at any place.

●Assumed Learners & Examinees
・Managers, Executives, Employees at Manufacturing Site
・Students of Universities, Vocational Schools and Technical Junior Colleges, and Employees in the first through third year of employment
・Managers/ Employees of Companies/ Organizations

●Self-Learning (Viewing Video Lectures)
・Videos are played back by streaming
・Can be viewed by PCs/ Smart-Phones
・Free of Charge for Viewing (No Limit in Total Number of Viewing)
・Other Services Available: Collection of Manners on Manufacturing Site (Videos), Text Books, Glossary of Terminologies, etc. (Some of them are charged)

・Four answer one method
・Test Fee:Please contact the secretariat
Free of charge for those companies/ organizations/ universities that have joined the Consortium
・Fundamental Test: 50 Questions in 50 minutes
・Advanced Test: 70 Questions in 70 minutes (current plan)
・Examination can be taken by PC/ Smart Phone(can be taken at anyplace/ anytime, but requires obtaining Examinee ID, free of charge)
・Test results are given by scores (not pass/ fail)

●Cooperating Organizations
・Cooperation: Japan Overseas Enterprises Association (JOEA)
・Cooperation: Japan Engineers Federation (JEF)
・Cooperation: Japan Researcher's Network (JRN)

In any country of the world, the fundamental of the manufacturing site is the same.namely how to achieve the level of QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery) that clients require. It is necessary to have knowledge and technology common to the manufacturing site. To acquire the knowledge and technology in order to enable handing down of“wisdom”is the role which“Monozukuri Online Kentei (MOK)”or“Monozukuri Online Testing aims at.

NB1:“Self-Learning” means personal viewing of lecture videos prepared as tuition materials for taking “Monozukuri” Online Testing (MOK).
These videos can be viewed on your own samart-phone or PC at anytime, anywhere free of charge without restrictions.

NB2:“Self-Testing” means that an examinee can take a test by using his/ her own smart-phone or PC at the time and the place of his/ her choice where the examinee is held accountable for the test results.

NB3:“Self-Appeal Video” means the following
①Immediately after taking a test, an examinee makes a self-introduction video, using his/ her own PC or smart-phone and orally presenting his/ her birth place, graduated school, specific field of expertise and preferred job category, that is to be posted on the website designated by MNKK. Combined with the acquired SCORE of the Fundamental Test, the posted self-appeal video is used for formal evaluation of the examinee’s capability.

②Self-appeal videos are viewed widely by those in charge of recruiting domestically and overseas and, in the case of students, are useful for participating in internship or job hunting.


- いつでも、どこでも、だれでも、手持ちスマートフォンで学ぶ -



・ Fundamental検定は50問50分、Advanced検定は70問70分(予定)


世界のどの国でも”ものづくり現場”の根っこは同じ。いかに顧客が要求する水準のQCD(Quality, Cost, Delivery)を達成するか。
そのためには ”ものづくり現場”での共通の知識/技術が必要です。
知識/技術を身につけ、“ちえ”を伝承できるようにするのが “ものづくり検定日本語(MNK)”が目指す役割です。


①自主検定の受検後、直ちに受検者が手持ちのパソコン・スマートフォンを使用して、出身地、所属先、専門分野と希望職種を話した自己PR Speechを動画化し、MNKKが指定したサイトに投稿した動画をいう。投稿した自己PR動画は、受検者のFundamental検定の取得SCOREと合わせて正式な能力評価となる。


■What ability is assessed by Japanese-style “Monozukuri” Online Kentei (MOK)?

The manufacturing ability necessary for carrying out a job is not only the ability of communication/knowledge but we can say that it is the ability to understand the meaning of what is expressed and properly proceed with a necessary action. What is necessary on that occasion is not the amount of knowledge but the ability to analyze and process the new knowledge.

MOK also does not assess the amount or the accuracy of knowledge on “Monozukuri”or Japanese-style manufacturing, but does assess the ability of understanding the expression of manufacturing knowledge necessary at the work scene and take an appropriate action. It does not assess the professional knowledge on manufacturing, but, assuming the common sense with regard to carrying out a job, but considers it important whether or not possessing the ability of communication related to a job.

MOK’s “Monozukuri” is the method of carrying out a job, based on Japanese-style manufacturing philosophy and applicable to various works.
The ability to be assessed by MOK is the “professional technical capability” related to “Monozukuri”, based on the communication ability as a language, and the ability to exert, in well-balanced manner, such skills as organizational skill (namely basic skill as a member of the society or basic management skill) that enables a job to be done as a team work.

As MOK testing is conducted via internet within a limited time, it cannot assess all the abilities of manufacturing. Therefore, prior to taking an actual test, it is very important to do preparatory learning by repeatedly trying out practice problems of “e-learning program”.






■Evaluation Method of Japanese-style “Monozukuri” Online Kentei (MOK)

(1)MOK measures the communication capability, integrating the degree of understanding Japanese-style manufacturing philosophy and related capability, necessary for carrying out a job, according to two levels, Fundamental Test and Applied Test.

(2)Among the two levels, Fundamental Test is easier. As for the manufacturing skills necessary for taking a Fundamental Test, please refer to MOK Level Guide as attached.

(3)The manufacturing skills necessary for taking an Advanced Test is the accumulation of field experience or “manufacturing communication capability” (knowledge, management/leadership ability, or degree of understanding concepts) that are to be measured. Please refer to MOK Level Guide as attached.

(4)Evaluation of general manufacturing communication capability is done by assessing the ability of reading and listening the topics or documents of daily life and job life, as well as, more widely, the knowledge required for carrying out jobs with regard to management control, management skills, manufacturing technology, administrative/ secretarial/customer service, and so forth.






■Evaluation Method of Japanese-style “Monozukuri” Online Kentei (MOK)

(1)MOK measures the communication capability, integrating the degree of understanding Japanese-style manufacturing philosophy and related capability, necessary for carrying out a job, according to two levels, Fundamental Test and Applied Test.

(2)Among the two levels, Fundamental Test is easier. As for the manufacturing skills necessary for taking a Fundamental Test, please refer to MOK Level Guide as attached.

(3)The manufacturing skills necessary for taking an Advanced Test is the accumulation of field experience or “manufacturing communication capability” (knowledge, management/leadership ability, or degree of understanding concepts) that are to be measured. Please refer to MOK Level Guide as attached.

(4)Evaluation of general manufacturing communication capability is done by assessing the ability of reading and listening the topics or documents of daily life and job life, as well as, more widely, the knowledge required for carrying out jobs with regard to management control, management skills, manufacturing technology, administrative/ secretarial/customer service, and so forth.


(1)検定は、「一般社団法人ものづくり日本語検定協会」(協会)が提供するオンライン検定システム(CBT:Computer Based Testing)を使い、受検者のパソコンやタブレット、スマートフォンおよび協会が承認した現地企業/機関によって行われます。

(2)検定は「ものづくり」に関する理解度を問う ①「読解」テスト及び ②「聴解(聞き取り)」テストの2種類に分かれ、質問に対する正しい回答をコンピューター上の回答の中から選択して行います。


■Method of Conducting Japanese-style “Monozukuri” Online Kentei (MOK)

(1)MOK is conducted by utilizing online testing system (based on CBT: Computer Based Testing) provided by “Monozukuri Nihongo Kentei Kyokai(MNKK)”, through the use of the examinee’s PC, tablet or smart phone, or by local companies or organizations that are approved by MNKK.

(2)MOK Testing consists of two elements, 1) “Reading Comprehension” Test and 2) “Listening Comprehension Test”. The right answer to a question is to be selected among the options listed on the computer.

(3) Test time is as follows: For Fundamental Test, the “Reading Comprehension” Test is 50 min in total and, for Advanced Test, the “Listening Comprehension” Test is 70 min in total.
NB1: It is planned to add “Listening Comprehension Test” to both levels (starts sometime in 2020)
NB2: The above is subject to change in future.

(4) 1min Self-Appeal Video Immediately after taking a test, an examinee makes a 1 min speech video using his/ her own PC or smart-phone and posts it on the website designated by MNKK.



会長: 野々内 隆 (元通商産業省資源エネルギー庁 長官 / 元一般財団法人経済産業調査会 理事長)
理事: 内藤 香 (元 公益財団法人核物質管理センター 理事長)
浮舟 邦彦 (学校法人滋慶学園 総長 Ph.D.)
梶原 豊 (高千穂大学名誉教授 経営学博士)
中村 尚五 (日本理科検定協会 会長 東京電機大学名誉教授 工学博士)
髙田 大進吉 (理数検定研究所株式会社 日本理科検定協会 代表)
井戸田 勲 (一般社団法人ものづくり日本語検定協会 理事 事務局長)
監事: 當間 立美 (當間化学薬品株式会社 代表取締役)
委員長: 中村 尚五 (日本理科検定協会 会長 / 東京電機大学名誉教授 工学博士)
委員: 福丸 典芳 (有限会社福丸マネジメントテクノ 代表取締役)
委員: 奥野 満美 (マネジメントコンサルタント)
専門委員: 上野 仁 (技術士協同組合 技術士・工学博士)
菅野 淳 (技術士協同組合 技術士)
渡辺 国昭 (技術士協同組合 技術士)
井上 学 (技術士協同組合 技術士)
青木 規明 (技術士協同組合 技術士)
佐藤 一彦 (技術士協同組合 技術士)
加藤 秀昭 (技術士協同組合 技術士)
委員長: 梶原 豊 (高千穂大学名誉教授 経営学博士)
副委員長: 坂部 隆 (一般社団法人日本在外企業協会 専務理事)
委員: 一般社団法人 日本在外企業協会様 会員企業様より委員委嘱ご依頼中(順不同)
独立行政法人 日本貿易振興機構(JETRO)
独立行政法人 国際協力機構 (JICA)

Monozukuri Nihongo Kentei Kyokai

Organizational structure and Board of Directors

Takashi Nonouchi ●Former President, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry
      Former Director General, Agency of Natural Resources and Energy METI
Kaoru Naito ●Former President, Nuclear Material Control Center/ Director, Japan Engineers Federation
Nobuo Saito ●Dr.Eng./Professor Emeritus of Keio University
Kunihiko Ukifune ●Ph.D./Chairperson of Board of Directors, CEO, The Jikei Group of Colleges
Yutaka Kajiwara ●Ph.D./Emeritus Professor of Takachiho University
Katsumi Hoshino ●Emeritus Professor of Tama University
Shogo Nakamura ●Dr. Eng./President, Riken Foundation Mathematics & Science Certification. Co., Ltd
     Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Denki University
Tashiyoshi Takada●Suken Founder, Science & Mathematics Certification Laboratory
Mamoru Saito ●Former Auditor, Japan Executive Search, and Recruitment Association (JESRA)
  Isao Idota ●Executive Director, Monozukuri Nihongo Kentei kyokai (MNKK)

Tatsumi Toma ●President, Toma Kagakuyakuhin Co., Ltd

一般社団法人ものづくり日本語検定協会/Monozukuri Nihongo Kentei
チュリス赤坂 1302



Messages from various quarters.

Messages received from various quarters can be viewed here.

梶原 豊 アジア諸国に進出した日系企業の最大の障壁は、現地で採用した人材とのコミュニケーションである。ものづくり日本語検定(MNK)により、一つの大きな壁が取り除かれることは間違いない。

梶原 豊

高千穂大学名誉教授 経営学博士

The biggest obstacle faced by Japanese enterprises that have advanced in Asian countries is the communication with the locally recruited personnel. One of the big obstacles will certainly be removed by the use of “Monozukuri Online Kentei (MOK)”.

Yutaka Kajiwara

Takachiho University/ Emeritus Professor

畑中 富男 ものづくり日本語検定(MNK)により、日本企業の海外進出にさらに弾みがつき、日本のものづくりの真髄がわが国企業の現地法人に浸透することを大いに期待する。

畑中 富男

元一般社団法人日本在外企業協会 専務理事

It is much expected that “Monozukuri Online Kentei (MOK)” will contribute to further expediating overseas advancement of Japanese enterprises and making the quintessence of Japanese-style manufacturing permeate thoroughly in local incorporated companies of Japanese enterprises advancing overseas.

Hatanaka Tomio

Former Managing Director of Japan Overseas Enterprises Association

井畑 敏 海外進出日系企業のうち、特に中小企業の皆さんの現地化の努力に対し、ものづくり日本語検定(MNK)は力強い味方になるはずである。

井畑 敏

一般社団法人日本ミャンマー文化経済交流協会 理事長

“Monozukuri Online Kentei (MOK)” is expected to strongly support the localization efforts by Japanese enterprises advancing overseas, especially by SMEs among them.

Satoshi Ihata

Chairman of Japan-Myanmar Association for Culture & Economic Exchange

山田 勝 日本の誇るものづくり文化をものづくり日本語検定(MNK)により、“ものづくりの心”として海外進出の日系製造業がその組織力、実行力を強化するために活用することは、大変重要なことである。

山田 勝

一般社団法人JAOS海外留学協議会 会長

It is very important for Japanese manufacturing enterprises advancing overseas to utilize the manufacturing culture, which Japan is proud of, as “the spirit of manufacturing” in order to strengthen their organizing capabilities and executing abilities through the use of “Monozukuri Online Kentei (MOK)”.

Yamada Masaru

Chairman of Japan Association of overseas Studies

星野 克美 一般社団法人ものづくり日本語検定協会(MNKK)が開発したものづくり日本語検定(MNK)が、2017年4月よりアジア各国に進出した日系企業の現地スタッフに提供されることとなり、日本のものづくり文化の移転に多大な貢献を果たす事となろう。

星野 克美

一般社団法人日本技術者連盟 会長 多摩大学名誉教授

“Monozukuri Online Kentei (MOK)” developed by Monozukuri Nihongo Kentei Kyokai(MNKK), or Manufacturing Japanese Certification Inc., is planned to be provided from October 2019 to the local staff of Japanese enterprises advancing in Asian countries, which will greatly contribute to the transfer of Japanese manufacturing culture.

Hoshino Katsumi

Emeritus Professor of Tama University

志村 源一郎 ものづくり日本語は、第一に日本の伝統的なものづくりを理解する手がかりであるとともに、第二にアジア各国に進出した企業を通じメイドインジャパンを普及させることを可能にするものである。

志村 源一郎

Society for Asia Pacific Affairs
一般社団法人環太平洋アジア交流協会 理事(共同代表)

“Monozukuri Online Kentei (MOK)” firstly provides the clue for understanding the Japanese traditional manufacturing and secondly facilitates the spread of “made in Japan” through the Japanese enterprises advancing in Asian countries.

Shimura Genichiro

Director of Society for Asia Pacific Affairs

平田 美穂 日本の「ものづくり文化」を国際的に伝えるには日本語が一番。現場の匠の想いを伝え、豊かに現場でコミュニケーションを図ることで、中小企業の国際交流と技術交流はさらに豊かに広がるでしょう。

平田 美穂

中小企業家同友会全国協議会 事務局長

It requires the program development in multiple languages in order to deliver Japanese “manufacturing culture” internationally. By conveying the spirit of craftsmen at a manufacturing site and striving for enriched communication at a manufacturing site, international and technical exchanges of SMEs will be further expanded extensively.

Hirata Miho

Executive Director of The National Conference of the Association of Small Business Entrepreneurs

梶原 豊

高千穂大学名誉教授 経営学博士

梶原 豊

畑中 富男

元一般社団法人日本在外企業協会 専務理事

畑中 富男

井畑 敏

一般社団法人日本ミャンマー文化経済交流協会 理事長

井畑 敏

山田 勝

一般社団法人JAOS海外留学協議会 会長

山田 勝

星野 克美

一般社団法人日本技術者連盟 会長 多摩大学名誉教授

星野 克美

志村 源一郎

Society for Asia Pacific Affairs
一般社団法人環太平洋アジア交流協会 理事(共同代表)

志村 源一郎

平田 美穂

中小企業家同友会全国協議会 事務局長

平田 美穂